Cory Booker’s Florida crusade occasion hindered by van crash

WASHINGTON — A presidential battle occasion for Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., in Miami Greenhouses, Fl. was stopped on Sunday when a van collided with the structure where the occasion was being held. The Miami Messenger revealed that a Passage Windstar slammed and wedged itself between two left vehicles and an auxiliary shaft directly outside Mo […]

Cops state contacting fentanyl is making them debilitated. Incomprehensible, specialists state.

DETROIT — The tales are unnerving: They recount cops the country over overdosing by coincidentally contacting fentanyl while looking vehicles in rush hour gridlock stops or rendering medical aid. But toxicologists state the narratives additionally aren’t right — and that they make superfluous frenzy. Contacting a little measure of fentanyl won’t cause an overdose, specialists […]